The Tarot Garden Foundation informs that accessibility to the museum park for visitors with severe motor disabilities is limited, due to the morphology of the museum park on which the sculptures are located.
The visitor can only access as far as the area where the sculpture “The Wheel of Fortune” is located.

From this place it is possible to have an overview of the following works:

The Force – card no. XI,
The Sun – card n. XIX,
The Papess – card n. II,
The Magician – card n. I,
The Pope – card n. V.

On our website under “Visit” you can see the interactive map.

Inside the Tarot Garden there is a reserved parking, which can be accessed after contacting the staff at the main entrance, which will provide information on how to visit, to allow you to visit the Garden in the best possible conditions. Do not hesitate to contact us.

If the person with a disability has a wheelchair contact us again, from this year we have a special procedure for the visit with a wheelchair that still remains partial for problems due to the slopes of the ground but gives the possibility to access some high parts of the garden.
For booking stairlift for wheelchairs (Sherpa N900) maximum capacity 90 kg write an email to and show the reservation to the park staff.

We are sorry we cannot accommodate you in better conditions.
We remind you that for disabled people with a 67% disability and an accompanying person the visit is free.

For further information you can contact us at the following e-mail address: